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As a vision is SMART Statistical Center for Decision Making, the National Statistical
Office has been carrying out the mission in provide statistical and information service to all
users. The Yala Provincial Statistical Office, acting as a core agency of the local statistical
office, has therefore, produced provincial statistical report. This report presents basic
statistical data, concerning economic, social and environmental aspects, including the
provincial indicators. Those statistics were from both censuses and surveys conducted by
NSO as well as from other statistical units of Line Ministries. These statistical data could be
used to guide policy planning, decision making and references purposes.
The Yala Provincial Statistical Report 2016 consists of;
Part 1:
Presentation of an
overview of Yala, on basic information, its map and statistical data in the form of Infographic.
Part 2:
Presentation of statistical data and some major indicators, in the form of statistical
tables, which enable users to use complete data in timely manner. The presentation has
been classified based on statistical sectors namely: Demographic, Population and Housing
Statistics, Labour Statistics, Education Statistics, Religion Art and Culture Statistics, Health
Statistics, Social Security Statistics, Gender Statistics, Household Income and Expenditure
Statistics, Justice, Security, Political and Public Administration Statistics, National Accounts,
Agricultural and Fishery Statistics, Industrial Statistics, Energy Statistics, Trade and Price
Statistics, Transport and Logistics Statistics, Information Communication and Technology
Statistics, Tourism and Sports Statistics, Finance, Banking and Insurance Statistics, Fiscal
Statistics and Natural Resources and Environment Statistics. Sources of data presented have
been provided under all statistical tables to enable users to seek additional information.
The Yala Provincial Statistical Office would like to express our sincere gratitude to all
government agencies and state enterprises for the kind support in providing statistical data
for this report. Any suggestions and comments are welcomed and would be taken into
account so as to improve our next report. For further information, please visit our website at or Provincial Statistical Data Center at